Drain and Sewer Cleaning

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Levin Plumbing Services Van Nuys, a plumbing company to look for

We have a tendency to ignore our drains and sewers. But, these are one of the most important parts of our house, which needs to be taken care of. And that is the time when Levin Plumbing Services Van Nuys steps in. We have the best skilled experts who are very efficient in their fields and they have the capability to fix any kind of drains and sewer related problems. Also, we have the state of art equipment which helps us to pull you out from any potential drains and sewers related problems. We observe your drains and sewers very carefully and reach out to the core of the problem so that we can fix it accordingly. So, it is then time when you should say goodbye to all your drains and sewers related problems.

The drain cleaning services we provide

As we told you earlier that, there is no such problems, which we cannot fix. We provide all kinds of drains and sewers related services. Let us have a precise look at the services, which we offer.

  • Kitchen drain cleaning– By the passage of time, there are many drain related problems, which may arise in your kitchen like clogged kitchen drains; building of fats, soaps and detergents in your pipe and many more. At that time, we will provide you the best service by unclogging your drain so that your kitchen pipe and sink can function properly.
  • Bathroom drain cleaning– When it comes to the bathroom drain cleaning, it may give you several challenges like clogging of tubs and showers by hair, clogging of sinks by toothpaste or by building of soaps; and many other problems. No matter what the problem is or how intense the problem is, our workers are capable of taking care of it.
  • Bathroom sink drain cleaning– If you can observe that your bathroom sink is draining slowly compared to before, then be sure that the sink has some issues, which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Apart from toothpaste, hair and soap scum there are some other substances which can contribute to your blocking of bathroom sink. So, in this situation, just give us a call and we will take care of all your problems.
  • Bathtub drain cleaning– Clogging of bathtub drains can create a huge chaos overnight. The main reasons behind clogging of bathtub drains are pet fur, hairs, soaps and even bath toys. With the help of a proper plunger, we will unclog your bath tub drain and it will pork properly again.

Now, let’s talk about sewer cleaning services

Apart from providing you drain cleaning services, we also take care of your sewers. We have all the advanced tools, which will fix any sewer related issues, irrespective of the gravity of the problem. So, let us discuss about the tools, which we use to bid adieu to your sewer related mishaps.

  • Camera– We use advanced camera to inspect the problem of your sewers. It helps us to observe the problem more meticulously and we work according to that.
  • Hydrojet equipment– Hydro jetting is a process, where highly pressurized water comes out from the Hydro jet. It helps to remove any contaminant, which is clogging the sewer or any other plumbing lines. We have the latest hydro jet equipment which is capable of unclogging any contaminants.
  • Rodders– It is a very common tool which we use. Rodder is basically a semi-rigid cable, which is inserted into a sewer to push any contaminant so that it can catch the blockage that gets out of the pipe when the rodder is pulled out.

Levin Plumbing Services Van Nuys is the best plumbing service, which you will find. The best part about our workers is that, they are always ready to walk an extra mile to fix any of your drains or sewers related problems. So, if you are facing any kind of problems, just come to us and we will take care of the situation from there.